This Holi bake a cake… Here’s why! – Via Cake Dida’s Diary

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“Bura na maano, Holi hai!”  The moment we hear this we are instantly reminded of the vibrant colours of water balloons, gulal & everybody’s favourite Holi special dishes. But Cake Dida shouts out… “Bura na maano, Cake hai” Isn’t that much sweeter and musical to the ears? Now that brings up a bigger question… can Holi and Cakes marry together?

Some might say “don’t be absurd, holi and cakes don’t gel well” But I beg to differ. Any celebration is incomplete without Cakes and it’s high time we celebrate Holi with Cakeism cause cakes have all the Holi elements in it… They’re colourful, they’re sweet and they excite your senses!

Holi, is the main attraction of the younger generation where they can party hard with colours and thandai (the one that gets you high). It’s a two day celebration which starts with the burning of Holika or as we Bengalis call it the Chachor followed by the colour-play following day… Since the gene X prefers to party hard, cake celebration has to be a part of it.

Cake cutting a decade back was constricted to Birthdays and Christmas. But in the modern era when we have adopted so much of the western world, why not imbibe this celebratory gesture into Holi and take it global (even more to say so).

While some prefer the colours and some don’t during Holi, there remains a constant… Colourful Sweets! ladoos, barfis, gulab jamuns, custards and there shouldn’t be any reason for you to omit the mighty Cake!

I, the grandma of Cakes believe that cakes’ vibrant colours are enough to make us fall in love with them. For me they’re celebration on a platter. The cake cutting & sharing, is a symbol of togetherness and love, and any party is sure to be a hit when there’s cake.

For the past few years I’ve started baking for Holi. Though I love the traditional sweets and am a major fan of them all… An eggless cake always makes the festival merry!

Holi, with its essence of colours, inspires me to experiment with my baking and a cake overloaded with colourful hues is born!

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While Holi gives relatives, family and friends another reason to meet-up, while relishing on some amazing sweets, getting a bit of an infusion of cakes proves to be a people pleaser. So why make cake an outcast and not invite it with open arms for the auspicious occasion.

So let’s get ready and put on our aprons for Holi is here!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Holi. Play safe and have fun.

Eat cake everyone!