Nirav Modi spotted… & he’s living a relatively lavish life! Exclusive video here.

Indians in general are good learners and at the same time bad too… Well, the whole Nirav Modi fiasco is the perfect example! It shows how Nirav Modi was a fast learner as he packed his bags in time to run-away from the country learning from Vijay Mallya, while the elected and highly qualified government subordinates were not, as they didn’t learn from Vijay Mallya’s case to tighten their hold on other defaulters. (more…)

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Promising comeback of the most intelligent YouTuber on Indian internet, and why we can’t wait to watch more from him…

Approximately two years ago a young boy debuted on the Indian YouTube network and followed with a series of Parodies which gave him the title of ‘Parody Prince’. If you truly are a YouTube Buff, you should know that we are talking about Salil Jamdar. (more…)