Reminiscence of Love… Questions that answer what Love is!

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In a beautifully written verse she retrospects what Love is…  Read the questions that have remained long unanswered… 

Falling in love is an infinite feeling. The tremendous anxiety, the uncertainty and yet an insurmountable eagerness to experience the passion till the point of exhaustion! Daring to dream, desirous of misadventures, hoping against hope and effortlessly falling a prey to many such emotions. What is it about the entire experience that has ever successfully consumed the mind, body and soul of so many people down the ages? Is it a deceptive emotion that catches off guard the vulnerable, devouring the soul and chaining down the minds? Or is it simply the purest and most noble of all feelings, with the power to redeem a soul and liberate someone from a bondage that one may have never asked for? Is it elusive and evanescent, ruling over our souls upon which one has not yet gained power?

Retrospecting Love, Self answering questions on Love

They say the heart is a wild beast and thus locked within the rib cages. Is it simply inclined to give away selflessly without any skullduggery? Is it way too tricky and risky a path for one to venture ever? Or have we just made a monster out of this most natural and soulful emotion, precipitated by a fortuitous failure? Is there really someone meant for everyone? Does the universe, vast and enigmatic as it is, really hold the patience to conspire and bring soulmates together?

But what about the unaccountable feelings, the unpredictable mishappenings, the never bargained for misery and the pitiful sighs and tears, deserved or undeserved?! Posing a deaf ear to the calls of such a blind passion maybe practical but is it really wise? We see people, circumstances and even the way of life inevitably change with the flow of time. So how is it that this overwhelming emotion hasn’t even a bit? Its balmy effect, its treacherous pain, all continues to wreak havoc and also render happiness in the lives of many yearning souls. Why do we let ourselves fall prey to this tyrant? Why do we choose to trust this whimsical, fleeting emotion; dropping all our guards and wishing to be slayed by its afflictions? Is it a momentary collapse for a momentary pleasure? Is it even worthwhile trying to pen down the innumerable facets of this emotion? Do we have the courage to explore it further or should we just become hopeful of being guided by it? Does it take courage to fall in love or does simply falling in love give us the courage?

Our hearts are like blank spaces perhaps, where the first impression sticks too long, refusing to fade easily. So what does it really need? Perhaps the firm and reassuring hold of someone who you might never want to let go of. Perhaps the comforting hug from someone, that can dry-up all your tears. Perhaps the passionate kiss from someone, that can pacify your world of chaos. Perhaps the lingering and honest gaze from someone, that refuses to leave your mind. If love and lust are inseparably linked indeed, then how about loving the body and lusting for the soul…

– By She Brie