Ever felt lost in your broken dreams? Here is a verse that will remind you of those regrets and lost times..!

The writer talks about the forgone time which took with it a part of her, a part that is lost forever. Relish the pain of your regrets from the past with this soulful verse…


So empty inside,
I wish I still had you in my life
Though I smile,
but this feeling that I hide
The more I think I’m over it,
the more I sink in!

This hollowness takes over me
If only I could make it right
If only I knew what you mean to me
If only I could say it all
If only you tried to read my eyes!

I try to conceal this feeling
but something inside me crumbles,
for the wait has been too long now.
My heart aches,
for it can’t tolerate this pain anymore!

They say pursue your dreams.
but what am I supposed to do
when all I’m left with, are nightmares.

nightmares of losing you
realizing slowly,
their transition to harsh reality!

So I try to smile again,
hiding the pain in my eyes
Longing for the day,
When you’ll understand

what my eyes wanted to say
all this while!

As I still hope,
of being there in your heart,
the way you remain, in mine!

– Manishark

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