The infusion of Panchatatva and the 7 rhythms of music, come together to bring Banaras to life. Watch!

Banaras to life

The Beats of Banaras put together, stitched with soulful visuals from around the city makes for a satisfying music video that you shouldn’t miss.

A city older than civilization, A city where the world’s greatest epics shaped and transpired to the narratives we know them to be, today. Banaras! The place where lost souls attain nirvana and give birth to hymns and myths.

Banaras, yet again proves to be the inspiration behind yet another Artist creating a stirring piece of Music Video. AudioAddict India have come up with “Banaras Blues” the 1st of their India Tour Music videos and it truly encases the character of Banaras.

Watch the “Banaras Blues” By Audio Addict and Share!

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