Promising comeback of the most intelligent YouTuber on Indian internet, and why we can’t wait to watch more from him…

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Approximately two years ago a young boy debuted on the Indian YouTube network and followed with a series of Parodies which gave him the title of ‘Parody Prince’. If you truly are a YouTube Buff, you should know that we are talking about Salil Jamdar.

A Writer, Singer & Actor who back in 2015 took the Internet by storm with his witty, melodic, rage-worthy and still smart parodies of hit Hindi & cult songs, including a hard hitting social message…

He is one of the rare YouTubers in the Indian scene who brought entertaining parodies to trend and won our hearts with his precise writing, profound voice and playful role-plays.

Though after a streak of hit parodies which also included, featuring alongside Shahrukh Khan in his famous Gerua Parody, he abruptly disappeared out of the scene and when no new videos released, fans became restless which went on for two years. However, the wait is now over and Salil Jamdar is back with his signature style Parody of Bollywood’s most famous item number – This time kicking Female Objectification, Sexism, Misogyny… and you can use the glossary of words which feminists outrage against, all the time!

Watch “Salil ka Banana” – A not at all subtle take on Bollywood’s most famous item song “Sheila ki Jawani”

‘Salil Ka Banana’ is an attempt to bring about gender equality by equaling all the collective crassness, mediocrity and female body objectification in Bollywood item songs… By featuring a man in the exposing role.

The song highlights some important flaws in the way our film industry functions and instead of investing (not just money but time, effort & talent too) on quality they work with a formula to make profit, which now seems to be failing…

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